Blackened Salmon
166 Cal. | With Dressing 186 Cal.

Over the past 40 years, there has been a rise of pre-packaged foods loaded with sodium and many other unhealthy preservatives in the food service industry. Not so at My Delicious Deli! We receive all of our meats fresh from distributors, and then cook them naturally. This means great taste with no added MSG or extra salt for you. In addition, all of our homemade salads are prepared fresh daily and feature white meat chicken breast and solid white albacore tuna.

And that’s not all! We purchase our freshly made Philly cream cheese in 30lb. solid blocks and add only fresh vegetables. However, for those with dietary concerns, we also carry Neufchâtel, a cream cheese with 33% lower fat content. Gluten Free? Not only do we offer gluten free products, such as bread or bagels, we also use a separate toaster when preparing them, ensuring that customers with celiac concerns have nothing to worry about. Low carb lovers rejoice! Enjoy many styles of handmade chopped salads with over 45 healthy ingredients, such as quinoa, kale, spinach and more, served with your favorite and/or low fat dressings. My Delicious Deli believes our customers deserve only the best quality and quantity!